Top Row

Matt, Greg, Tony, Mark, Tim


Bottom Row

Kim, Wanda, Ron (1935 - 2018)


President: Greg Beretta

Vice President: Tim Beretta

Treasurer: Tony Beretta

Beretta Bros. Roofing & Gutters is a division of Beretta Bros. & Associates, Inc. We represent a long association with the building trades business. It all began in the early 1970’s when Greg and Tim Beretta graduated number one in their class from Central Nine (building trades) located in Greenwood, Indiana. After graduating with honors and receiving the Central Nine Achievement Award, they began to apply their knowledge by working in construction. Thereafter, Tim was selected to teach building trades at Central Nine and after seven years of teaching, he returned to working in construction. Meanwhile, Greg continued framing and in 1979 formed his own construction business as a framing subcontractor for other prestigious home builders on the south side of Indianapolis and Johnson County.

In 1986 Greg and Tim decided to expand the business beyond framing, and began building custom homes. It was then that Beretta Bros. & Associates Inc. was formed.

As a result we believe the family approach enhances not only control over our work but lends itself to our most important area of emphasis...quality!